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We know you will want to take the best of care and of course get the most out of your beautiful Oatley Bay candles. So listed below are a few pointers and safety information to have the best experience in your home:

When you first burn your Oatley Bay candle, burn it until the wax pool reaches the edge of the container to set the burn memory. Our wax is a beautiful blend of eco-friendly soy and coconut, the level should always burn flat which will give you the most from your candle.


Always, ALWAYS trim your wick. The second time you light your Oatley Bay candle, have a look at the wick and pinch off the blackened wick with a tissue to the appropriate size (approx. 5mm) as the wicks are cotton, the dead wick should break off. This ensures the minimisation of smoke and conserves the wax. Otherwise, we sell wick trimmers that make the job easy! Plus, the broken-off bit can go in your compost!

If your glass has got soot around the edge (the likely cause is that your wicks have not been maintained by being trimmed), use a paper towel to gently wipe it off. Your candle will look as good as new.
Discontinue burning when you have 1cm or less of wax in your Oatley Bay candle.
Do not burn your candle for more than 3 hours at a time without rechecking your wick. (best practice is to extinguish, wait until the wax is cool, then trim before relighting if you desire)
Always place your Oatley Bay candle on a heat-resistant surface.
Do not leave your Oatley Bay candle unattended and keep the lit candle away from children, curtains, overhanging materials, and nosey pets!
If you are burning more than one candle in the same room, ensure you leave at least 10cm between both burning candles.

We hope you enjoy your candle x

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